For developers and systems integrators, the NoiseAPI from NoiseMeters makes noise measurements available to your application.

  • HTTP / HTTPS or WebSocket interface
  • Local network connection to noise monitor or via our routing server
  • Noise measurement by microphone, sound level meter or acoustic processor

Taking away the complexities of noise measurement, acoustic processing and calculations, the NoiseAPI provides you with the final parameters in a usable format.

Communication with the API is via HTTP for historical data with optional WebSocket connection for live data feeds. API responses are in JSON format.

Noise measurement data includes:

  • Time history noise profile (measurements every second)
  • Periodic noise measurements typically used for environmental noise reports
    • LAeq, Lmax, Lmin, Ln (L10, L50, L90, etc. user selectable)
  • Noise events based on a user supplied template
    • Template includes level thresholds and durations
    • Results include LAeq, LAmax, duration, and LAeq,1s time history
noise api over local network or routed via internet